Book a consult with Dr. Lisa Kimbell

Let’s discover the root cause of your health issues together and develop a tailored treatment plan using Functional Medicine

Important notes: FOR TEXAS RESIDENTS ONLY. All consults are virtual using video telemedicine. You will first book an Initial Consult (60 min) using the link above, where Dr. Lisa Kimbell will conduct a complete health history intake and an initial limited physical examination using Zoom. Dr. Kimbell will establish a recommended course of care, including which lab tests will be best for you (labs are optional and typically cost around $500-$1000, not included & paid later). If labs are chosen, they are typically taken at your home with a shippable kit or drawn at a local lab in your area. This consult is typically followed up with an optional lab consult with Dr. Kimbell ($329 paid later) after 1-2 months. Insurance NOT accepted. By booking an appointment you agree to all the above.